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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we do our wedding ceremony outdoor? 

Yes, you may do wedding ceremony outdoor if it does not rain or snow. Please note it rains more in Hatzic Island compared to other parts of Lower Mainland, and weather can be unpredictable. We ask you to decide if the ceremony will be held outdoor or indoor at least 7 days before the wedding. 

2. Can we do our wedding reception outdoor? 

Yes, you may if weather permits, until 10pm due to noise bylaws. There is $300 + tax for setting up and taking down the outdoor wedding white reception tent (10 x 20) decorated with lights, greeneries, and curtains. If due to the guest size, a second reception tent (10 x 10) can be added for the total of $400 + tax. The tent will be set up close to the side of the house (on the same side as the wooden gazebo) in order to allow easy access between the kitchen and the guests. Please let us know if you would like to add the white reception tent(s) at least 21 days before the wedding. 

3. Can I rent the property for a day?

No, minimum of 2 nights of overnight accommodation is required in order to hold your wedding or event on the property.

4. Can I do a site visit? 

Yes, you may do so if the property is not occupied. Please email us at or call at 778-868-2222. A site visit is limited up to 30min. 

5. Can we use the kitchen for external catering? 

You may bring your own catering (e.g. external catering vendor or family/friends). Please note there is no dishwasher in the kitchen.

6. Do you provide decor and floral services? 


Our Wedding Celebration fee includes basic, simple wedding decoration (see Basic Decor Gallery).


We also offer more elaborate, luxurious decor and floral packages, starting from $4400 + tax.  Please refer to our Wedding Decoration Service page for more details. All decor and floral service details must be finalized at least 3 weeks in advance of the wedding. If a change is made to desired flower colours or types after this period, there will be extra fees for import fees of fresh flowers due to the time constraint of order.

7. Do you provide a wedding coordinator? 

No, we do not have an on-site coordinator on your wedding day. 

8. Do you provide photography?

No, we do not provide wedding photography, but we can recommend a local photographer upon request. 

9. Can I start setting up in the morning? 

Check-in time is 3 pm. You may set up in the morning if your wedding day is during your stay at the Luxury Lake Retreat but NOT on the same day as your check-in. 

Typical Schedule: 

Day 1: Check-In at 3 pm 

Day 2: Wedding Day 

Day 3: Check-out at 11 am

10. Can we decorate the place ourselves and/or have rental/decor company decorate the place? 

Our mandatory Wedding Celebration fee includes basic wedding decoration (see Basic Decor Gallery). You may add your own decor or have the decor company bring decor items as long as you and/or the company adheres to the Decoration Policy below.

11. Are we allowed to play music or bring DJ? 

Luxury Lake Retreat is located in a residential area, therefore loud music is prohibited at any time in both indoor and outdoor. If the owners feel like the noise is getting too loud during your wedding or event, they will instruct you to lower the volume of the music. Please see below the Music and Noise policy.

12. Are there parking spots? 

There is outdoor gravel space enough for more than 10 cars. 

13. Are pets allowed? 

No - absolutely no pet is allowed indoor and outdoor on the Luxury Lake Retreat property. 

14. Can we bring and serve alcohol at our wedding/event? 

If you wish  must obtain BC Special Event Permit and associated Special Event Server Certificate. It is your responsibility to ensure your guests do not get drunk and misbehave leading to any violence or injuries while on the property of Luxury Lake Retreat. 

For any other questions, please contact us.

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