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Thank you for choosing Esther Wedding & Event's Luxury Lake Retreat to hold your wedding celebration and accommodation.


Please note that Esther Wedding & Event's Luxury Lake Retreat is an accommodation rental property (i.e. AirBnB) and is not a commercial wedding venue. Therefore, there are house policies that all guests must follow. 


When a couple books a Wedding Celebration with or without our Wedding Decoration Package, the couple must abide to below policies. It is responsibility of the wedding couple or their wedding coordinator to ensure all guests adhere to below policies while visiting the Esther Wedding & Event's Luxury Lake Retreat property.  

Change Policy

Any change to the originally invoiced agreement (e.g. adding/removing optional services, changing decor package, changing decor or floral colours/details, changing guest size, etc.) must be communicated to Esther Kim at Luxury Lake Retreat at least 21 days prior to the wedding/event day. NO CHANGE to the event details (e.g. guest size, decor details) IS ALLOWED WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF THE WEDDING/EVENT DAYIF sudden changes to decoration and/or wedding details are needed between the day of check-in and the day of wedding, there will be extra fees including labour, decor, and floral costs. 

Music and Noise Policy

Luxury Lake Retreat is located in a residential neighborhood, therefore city noise bylaws apply. Please keep the noise and music level reasonable during the daytime and NO music or noise is allowed after 10 pm, especially outside.

Alcohol Policy

You may bring your own alcohol, however, you will have to obtain an appropriate alcohol licenses and/or hire bartending services to serve alcohol at the event.

If you wish to serve on your own, refer to the links for: BC Special Event Permit and Special Event Server Certificate.

Decoration Policy 

A. When Esther Wedding & Event is hired to do decoration (e.g. one of our wedding decoration package and/or extra decor item(s) contracted): 

The type of decoration package and decor details must be finalised by 2 weeks prior to the wedding. IF sudden changes to wedding decoration details are needed between the day of check-in and the day of wedding, there will be extra decoration fees including labour, decor, and floral costs.  

B. You may add your own decor or have the decor company bring decor items as long as you and/or the company adheres to the following policies.

  1. No nails or tapes to be put on any of the walls or doors.  

  2. No decor to be hung on any of the lighting fixtures or ceilings in the house. 

  3. No curtains or draperies can be added to the curtain rod(s) already in place.

  4. No ceiling lights or fairy lights can be set up indoors by you or a third party company (if you would like extra lighting, please check out Luxury Lake Retreat's Decor Packages

  5. No open flames - candles need to be enclosed (due to fire hazards). 

  6. No real rose petals to be used on the outside lawn (artificial rose petals are okay but must be cleaned up by the guests/vendors after the ceremony/reception).

  7. No confetti or fireworks allowed.

  8. All decors set up by the guests and/or vendorstmust be taken down and cleaned up by the guests and/or vendors by 10 pm of the wedding day

  9. If any damages found, they will be invoiced and deducted from the damage deposit.  

Special Event Kitchen Use Policy

  1. Luxury Lake Retreat is not a commercial venue and does not have a dishwasher in the kitchen. Just like when you stay in a AirBnb, clients and guests must wash all the dishes, glasses, cooking ware, and BBQ grill before their check-out. 

  2. Clients must pay the Special Event Kitchen Use Fee of $300 + GST if a catering company or wedding clients and their families/friends use the Luxury Lake Retreat kitchen to cook or prepare meals.

  3. Do not steal any item or equipment from the Luxury Lake Retreat's kitchen. 

  4. Clients must inform the owner, Esther, in advance (2 weeks prior the event) the total number of tables required for the guests seating and tables for food, as well as the arrival time of the guests for the reception. 

  5. Before leaving the premise, clients need to check-out in person with the owner, Esther for the inspection of kitchen. 

  6. If any of appliances is/are found to be damaged upon inspection, repair or replacement fees will be charged and invoiced.

Payment and Cancellation Policy 

A non-refundable deposit (30% of the quote) is required to reserve your wedding or event dates. The remaining balance is due 4 weeks prior to your check-in date. All cancellations must be in writing. You may cancel up to 4 weeks of the event date, and if you must cancel the wedding within 4 weeks of the event date, there will be no refund. 

Damage Policy

A damage deposit of $500 is required. After check-out, the entire house including the kitchen will be inspected, and if any damage found on any of the items or furniture, applicable repair or replacement fees will be invoiced and deducted from the damage deposit. Broken wine glass(es) or glass cup(s) will be charged for the price of a set of 6 wine glasses or 6 glass cups, respectively, because they cannot be re-purchased individually but only as a set of 6.  If no damage found, the damage deposit will be returned in full amount in 1 week from the check-out date.

Guests Capacity Policy 

If there are more than 16 overnight stay, extra accommodation fees will apply. 

If there are more than 30 guests, extra day guest fees, decoration fees and labour fees will apply. 


No Pet Policy

Absolutely no pet is allowed both inside and outside of the Luxury Lake Retreat property including inside the house and outdoor patio and lawn areas.  

Communication Policy

The OWNER will respond to the email, text, or calls only during the working hours which are between 9am to 6pm, Pacific Time.

Luxury Lake Retreat COVID-19 Policy

We always strive for the safety and health of our guests, and we want to be responsible citizens following the guideline and recommendations set out by Public Health of BC and Public Health of Canada.

Force Majeure

Neither Esther Wedding and Event or Esther Kim will be liable for failure to perform any part(s) of wedding celebration and/or wedding decoration if such failure is a result of Acts of God or Superior Force (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, labour dispute, strike, lockdown, or interruption or failure of technology, electricity or telephone service.

Liability Policy

Luxury Lake Retreat is not liable for any injuries, illnesses, or misconduct of the guests during their stay on our premises. It is the responsibility of the event/wedding host (e.g. wedding couple) to obtain separate liability insurance (e.g. social host liability) and ensure all of their guests behave respectively. 


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